The Ford Focus TCM Recall: What You Need to Know

Ford has been accused of hiding a serious defect in some Ford Focus models. This defect can cause your car to jerk, have trouble stopping, and face major engine issues. A lawsuit was filed against Ford in a federal court in Delaware. The lawsuit claims that the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in these vehicles has many problems and safety risks.

Reports suggest that Ford knew about these transmission issues but continued to manufacture and sell the affected vehicles. Due to these actions, Ford was fined $10 million in Australia and is also being investigated by the Department of Justice for possible fraud.

The allegations state that Ford used cheaper materials and a faulty transmission design that can overheat and fail, leading to further damage. Despite these issues, Ford has not publicly acknowledged the defect. Instead, the company told customers that the transmission problems were normal.

This isn’t the first time Ford has faced such allegations. In 2020, Ford settled a lawsuit by buying back affected vehicles and paying millions of dollars. The current lawsuit involves newer models of the Ford Focus and continues to address the ongoing transmission problems.

What is a Transmission Control Module (TCM)?

A Transmission Control Module (TCM) is a small computer in your car that controls the transmission. It manages how your car shifts gears and ensures the engine and transmission work smoothly. The TCM helps your car run efficiently and prevents fuel waste.

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The TCM uses sensors to monitor the speed of your car, the position of the throttle, and other important factors. It then adjusts the transmission settings based on this information. When the TCM works correctly, you get smooth and efficient gear shifts. This makes your driving experience better and your car safer.

How the TCM Affects Your Ford Focus

In the Ford Focus, the TCM is vital for proper transmission function. If the TCM has a defect, it can cause several problems. Your car might jerk when you accelerate, have trouble stopping, or even stall. These issues can make driving unsafe and stressful.

A faulty TCM can also lead to more serious engine problems. It can cause the clutches to overheat and fail, damaging other parts of the transmission and leading to expensive repairs.

If your Ford Focus has a TCM problem, you might notice these symptoms:

  • Jerking or shuddering when shifting gears
  • Delayed or harsh gear changes
  • The check engine light is on
  • Trouble accelerating or decelerating
  • The car stalls or has trouble starting

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to get your car checked by a mechanic. Early detection can prevent further damage and keep you safe on the road.

Details of the Ford Focus TCM Recall

Ford issued the recall to address the TCM defect in Ford Focus 2012-2018 models. The recall might affect any Ford vehicle with a DPS6 clutch or Powershift transmission. The announcement came after many complaints from owners experiencing problems with their cars jerking, stalling, and having trouble shifting gears. Ford recognized that these issues posed significant safety risks and decided to recall the affected vehicles to fix the problem.

Here are some models known to have this type of transmission:

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford C-MAX
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Ford Puma
  • Ford S-MAX
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Ecosport
  • Ford Edge

While most lawsuits have focused on the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus, these are not the only models with DPS6 transmissions.

Causes of the TCM Issue

The TCM defect in the Ford Focus is caused by several factors. One primary cause is the use of cheaper materials and a flawed design in the TCM. These materials and design choices make the TCM prone to overheating, which leads to failure.

When the TCM overheats, the clutches in the transmission can overheat as well. This overheating damages other parts of the transmission, leading to more extensive and costly repairs. The TCM defect can also cause the car to jerk, stall, and have trouble shifting gears, creating unsafe driving conditions.

Understanding these details helps you see why the recall is necessary and what steps you need to take if your car is affected. Taking action now can prevent further damage and keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

How to Check if Your Ford Focus is Affected

Knowing if your Ford Focus is part of the TCM recall is important. Here are some easy steps to determine if your car is affected and what to do next.

If your car is part of the recall, the website will provide details on what you need to do next.

If you prefer, you can call Ford customer service or your local Ford dealership. Give them your VIN, and they can tell you if your car is affected by the recall. They can also help you schedule an appointment for any necessary repairs. Be sure to ask about the estimated time for the repairs so you can plan accordingly.

Mechanic using laptop while servicing a car engine

Steps to Take if Your Vehicle is Part of the Recall

If your Ford Focus is part of the TCM recall, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure your car is fixed and safe to drive. 

Contact your local Ford dealership to schedule a repair appointment as soon as possible. Let them know your car is part of the TCM recall. They will fix the TCM issue at no cost to you.

When you take your car to the dealership, the technicians will inspect the TCM and determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. The process usually involves updating the software or replacing faulty components. The dealership will inform you about the specific repairs needed for your car.

Ford covers all costs for the TCM recall repairs. You should not have to pay for any parts or labor related to the recall. If you encounter any issues or the dealership tries to charge you, contact Ford customer service for assistance.

If, after 2-3 repair attempts, your vehicle still doesn’t work as it was designed to, then you may have a lemon case. If this is the case, you may need to file a claim under the California lemon law. 

Is a Lemon Law Case or a Class Action Settlement Right for You?

You might get more compensation by filing an individual lemon law case instead of joining a class action settlement. A lemon law claim lets you seek compensation directly from the manufacturer if your vehicle has repeated issues during the warranty period. You could receive a refund or cash compensation for your defective car through this process.

In contrast, a class action lawsuit involves multiple people with the same problem filing a single claim against the manufacturer. The settlement from a class action suit is divided among all claimants, which might not cover all the damages related to your lemon vehicle.

A class action settlement might not provide enough compensation for your situation to address all your damages. Pursuing an individual lemon law claim could be more beneficial and ensure you receive fair compensation for your defective vehicle.

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To find out if you qualify for an individual lemon law claim, consult with an experienced lemon law attorney. They can review the details of your case and determine your eligibility.

Lemon laws are complex, so having a knowledgeable legal representative is essential if you decide to pursue a claim. Auto manufacturers often hire specialized attorneys, so it’s also important to have expert legal help on your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a bad TCM in a Ford Focus?

Common symptoms of a faulty TCM in a Ford Focus include:

  • Jerking or shuddering when shifting gears
  • Delayed or harsh gear changes
  • Trouble accelerating or decelerating
  • The car stalling or having trouble starting
  • The check engine light coming on

Is there a recall on the Ford Focus automatic transmission?

Yes, there have been recalls on Ford Focus automatic transmissions due to issues with the Transmission Control Module (TCM). These recalls address problems like jerking, stalling, and shifting difficulties.

How do you reset TCM on a Ford Focus?

To reset the TCM on a Ford Focus:

  • Turn the ignition key to the “On” position without starting the engine.
  • Press the gas pedal to the floor and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  • Release the gas pedal and turn off the ignition.
  • Wait a few minutes before starting the engine. This can help reset the TCM, but consult your owner’s manual or a professional for specific instructions.

How much does it cost to replace a TCM on a Ford Focus?

The cost to replace a TCM on a Ford Focus can vary. On average, it ranges from $500 to $1,200, including parts and labor. Prices may vary based on location and specific vehicle model.

How do I know if my Ford Focus has a recall?

To check if your Ford Focus has a recall:

  • Locate your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Visit the official Ford recall website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.
  • Enter your VIN to see if any recalls apply to your vehicle.

What is the TCM lawsuit on Ford Focus?

The TCM lawsuit on the Ford Focus involves claims that the Transmission Control Module has defects causing jerking, stalling, and other issues. Plaintiffs argue that Ford was aware of these problems but continued to sell the affected vehicles.

Which year did the Ford Focus have transmission problems?

Ford Focus models from 2012 to 2016 are known to have had significant transmission problems related to the TCM and Powershift transmission.

Is there a recall on the 2014 Ford Focus TCM?

Yes, there is a recall on the 2014 Ford Focus TCM due to issues causing the vehicle to jerk, stall, and have trouble shifting gears.

What is the recall on the 2018 Ford Focus TCM?

The 2018 Ford Focus TCM recall addresses problems with the transmission control, which can lead to issues like jerking, stalling, and gear shifting difficulties. This recall aims to fix the defective TCM to ensure safe and reliable vehicle performance.

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These lawsuits claim that Nissan refused to admit the CVT transmission was defective. Instead, they tried to disguise the defects with inadequate repairs. Although some lawsuits have been settled, Nissan continues to install these faulty CVTs in newer models.

Nissan offers warranties that may cover CVT transmission problems. Knowing what is covered and how to file a claim is essential. This guide will help you navigate the warranty process and explain what to do if your claim is denied.

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