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Honda Lemon Attorney

If a vehicle you have purchased/leased fails to meet the warranty provided by its manufacturer, then it is a “lemon” and you may be entitled to a refund/replacement vehicle or good.

If the vehicle is not deemed to be a lemon, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of cash refund under the lemon laws.

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Federal Lemon Laws Protect For Honda Vehicles

Honda vehicles are among the most popular in America. Unfortunately, not all Honda drivers enjoy the same level of comfort.

If you have been in a repair shop repeatedly for similar issues with your Honda, there is a strong chance that your vehicle is a lemon.

State and federal lemon laws protect your capital and interests in these matters; contact an experienced lemon law attorney today.

Honda Models

Honda models that have been reported as lemons include the Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Fit, Element, Pilot, Odyssey, and Ridgeline.

Defects with these and other Honda models include:
• Excessive oil consumption
• Grinding noise from engine
• Surging, stumbling and loss of power
• Stalls out after starting
• Loses power during acceleration
• Illumination of the check engine light
• Engine shudder
• Premature brake wear
• Squeaky brakes
• Warped rotors
• Vibration from brakes
• Brakes sticking
• Transmission jerks into gear
• Trouble shifting gears
• Transmission slipping
• Occasional hesitation
• Engine will not turn over or start
• Faulty alarm system
• TPMS warning light
• Premature and frequent battery failure

Honda Warranty Guarantees

Your Honda warranty guarantees a standard for your vehicle to uphold. Accordingly, numerous repair attempts are a signal that your vehicle may be a lemon and you should take action.

If you bought or leased a Honda lemon that your manufacturer refuses to repurchase, replace, or compensate you for, contact an experienced lemon law expert today.

What To Do Next For Your Honda

If your Honda car has a problem, get your FREE Case Review Here or call us now at 818-233-0052