If a vehicle or consumer good you have purchased/leased fails to meet the warranty provided by its manufacturer, then it is a “lemon” and you may be entitled to a refund/replacement vehicle or good. If the vehicle is not deemed to be a lemon, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of cash refund under the lemon laws.
The California lemon laws apply to new, used, purchased, or leased vehicles that have been sold with an explicitly written warranty.

California lemon laws apply

Over 150,000 lemons are sold every year in California. If you feel that your vehicle is a lemon, contact an experienced lemon law attorney today.
Consumer protection laws provide solutions for those who have purchased/leased consumer products that fail to meet their warranty.

Lemon Laws For consumers

The California Lemon Laws apply to most consumer goods, excluding clothing and consumable goods (produce, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, etc.). In this state, if a manufacturer is incapable of repairing a consumer good after a sufficient number of attempts, the manufacturer is liable to replace or refund the consumer’s money for the defective product provided.

California lemon laws require that manufacturers:
• Provide adequate and accessible repair facilities so that consumers may reach the necessary facilities with ease
• Ensure that repairs for defective goods do not exceed 30 days
• Only be allotted a specified number of attempts to fix their defective product
• Offer the consumer a replacement/refund less any trouble-free use value
• Pay the consumer’s’ attorney fees and costs (within reason)

The exact number for “a reasonable number of attempts” varies from product to product and depends on the severity of the defect. For example, safety-related defects require fewer repair attempts than non-safety-related issues.

California Lemon Laws Offer

California lemon laws offer the following solutions to lemon vehicle owners:
• Repurchase of the defective vehicle (total refunds of funds spent towards the car less trouble-free use value)
• Replacement of the defective vehicle
• Cash settlement
• Payment of the consumer’s attorney fees and costs (within reason)

If you or a loved one have purchased/leased a defective vehicle and your manufacturer will not cooperate when it comes to offering a refund/replacement, contact an experienced California lemon law attorney today.